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Applying to ADOPT ONLY FOSTER ONLY FOSTER/THEN ADOPT (Choose all that apply)
Adopt Only means you are interested in adopting your pet as a permanent addition.
*Foster Only means you do not want to add a permanent addition at this time.
*Foster/Then Adopt means you are wanting to add a permanent addition but would like to foster a pet, then consider permanent adoption when the right pet for you comes along.

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Are your current pets on monthly heartworm prevention? Yes No N/A
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Pro Heart

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Have you ever given up, sold, or taken a pet to the shelter? Yes No
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Have you ever bred (either intentionally or unintentionally) a pet? Yes No
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Please list any pets you have had in the past:
What happened to them?

Adoption Questionnaire

Would you accept a pet that has been abused? Yes No Maybe
Has special needs
(such as blindness or deaf)? Yes No Maybe
Minor Health Problems
(allergies, skin problems, etc)? Yes No Maybe
Major Health Problems
(heart murmur, cancer, etc)? Yes No Maybe

Do you prefer MALE, FEMALE, or EITHER?
What age would you prefer?

Are you aware of the importance of keeping a pet on a leash or in a fenced area when it goes outside?:
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Most small breed pets adopted through PPR, Inc. are primarily house dogs. They can be kept outdoors for short times in a kennel or dog house with an attached run. Or they can use a doggie door to go in and out. They CANNOT be chained, tied outdoors or left outdoors alone for long periods unsupervised. Do you agree to these conditions?: Yes No

Are you willing to follow your local ordinances pertaining to owning/housing an animal?
(ex: leash laws, required vaccinations, dog licenses, etc)
? Yes No

Are you willing to provide a collar with a tag bearing your name, address, phone number, etc. on your pet at all times?
Yes No

Will someone be home during the day with your pet? Yes No

Do you have or would you consider using a doggie door to allow your pet access to your fenced yard?
Yes No

How many hours will your pet spend alone?
Where will your pet be kept when alone?
Where will your pet be kept when you are home?
Where will your pet sleep at night?
How do you feel about allowing your pets on your furniture
(such as couch, bed, chairs, etc.)
Who will be responsible for the care of your pets?
Will you provide regular grooming for your new pet? Yes No Maybe If Needed
Will you provide regular and emergency veterinary care? Yes No Maybe If Needed
Will you provide monthly heartworm prevention? Yes No Maybe If Needed
Will you provide monthly flea and tick prevention? Yes No Maybe If Needed
Will you provide a high quality food
(ex: I
ams)? Yes No Maybe If Needed

In addition to a regular life at home,
would your pet:

Walk routinely with a family member
Go to obedience classes
Go to work with you
Travel with you
Be a playmate for other pets
Be a playmate for your children
Other, Please List:

Are you familiar with crate training as a method of housetraining? Yes No Not Sure
Would you be interested in learning the crate training method? Yes No Maybe
Will you accept a pet that is not fully housetrained? Yes No Maybe
Will you work with your new pet on housetraining? Yes No Maybe
(Please know that any new pet will take time to adjust to its new home, including on housetraining. Expect and be prepared for some potty accidents, however, if the pet you are adopting is not fully housetrained, we will let you know in advance.)
Will you allow time
(2 weeks to a month) for your new pet to adjust in your home? Yes No Maybe
Would you consider putting a pet down versus treatment in the case that you were unable to afford treatment? (ex: major surgery, cancer treatment, etc.) Yes No Maybe Only if vet recommended
If this pet does not work out as planned at your home, will you agree to return it only to Precious Paws Rescue, Inc. and no other third party? Yes No
What are any reasons you can think of that would make you want to give up your pet?

Are you or your spouse in the military?

Check all that apply:
Active Duty Reserves Guard Retired Military
Air Force Army Marines Navy

If yes, if your duty station changes, would you do everything possible to keep your pet? Yes No

Are you committed for life to your new pet? Yes No
(The average pet lives 14-16+ years, so you must consider where you will be plan to include your pet in your life. We would prefer adoptions to be permanent however, we understand that certain situations occur that are beyond your control. We require that if you for any reason must give up your pet, that it is returned to Precious Paws Rescue, Inc. and no other third party without first receiving our approval.)

*Do you certify that all answers you have provided here are true and accurate? Yes No
*Do you certify that you are over the age of 21? Yes No

Any Additional Comments:

By submission of this application, I/We unequivocally state that all statements and answers given in said application are the complete truth. Any misrepresentation of the truth in this application will invalidate any subsequent adoption agreement and will give Precious Paws Rescue, Inc. the right to reclaim the adopted pet without refund of the adoption fee. Submission of this online application constitutes agreement and acknowledgement by the Adopter of the PPR, Inc. Adoption Policies, Terms & Conditions.

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